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Nautilus Quarterly
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The March/April 2015 Nautilus print magazine combines some of the best content from our issues on Illusions, Creativity, and Information, with new original contributions and gorgeous full-color illustrations. Beginning with this issue, Nautilus will release a print magazine every other month. This issue includes contributions by:

  • Swedish author and hoverfly collector Fredrik Sjöberg, who reflects on a slow and joyful world of detail, dedication, and hazy summer evenings
  • Tom Vanderbilt, on seeing what we want to see
  • Robin Marantz Henig, who profiles a set of identical twins, only one of whom has Parkinson’s
  • Author Phil Ball, on the strange inevitability of evolution
  • Author Alex Wright, on the future of the World Wide Web

Plus, original artwork from Yuko Shimizu, Jon Han, Shout, Tim O’Brien, and more.

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