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The March/April 2017 Nautilus print edition combines some of the best content from our issues on Balance and Consciousness, with new original contributions and gorgeous full-color illustrations. 

In this issue, we’re proud to announce that preeminent American writer Cormac McCarthy, famed author of The Road, All the Pretty Horses, and No Country for Old Men, has published his first-ever nonfiction science article, in which he explores the nature of consciousness. 

This issue also includes contributions by:

  • Prominent physicist Lawrence Krauss
  • Writer Samantha Larson, who at 18 became the youngest person to climb the highest mountain on each continent
  • Award-winning author Philip Ball
  • Radio producer Steve Paulson

The issue also features original artwork from Don Kilpatrick III, Amanda Phingbodhipakkaya, Jackie Ferrentino, and more.

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