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Nautilus Quarterly
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The May/June 2015 Nautilus print magazine combines some of the best content from our issues on Slow, Dominoes, and Error, with new original contributions and gorgeous full-color illustrations. This issue includes contributions by:

  • Award-winning science journalist Adam Piore, who takes us inside the quest to conquer disease by sequencing the genes of every living Icelandic person
  • Helen Fisher, on how one-night stands may be improving America's marriages
  • Author Abby Rabinowitz, on the new advances in egg freezing, and the unanswerable dilemma the practice creates
  • Pilot and author Jeff Wise, on fear in the cockpit, and what distinguishes successful recoveries from tragic failures
  • Adam Marcus & Ivan Oransky, on the biggest fabricator in science, and how he finally got caught

Plus, original artwork from John Hendrix, Francesco Bongiorni, Roman Muradov, Carmen Segovia, and more.


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