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Nautilus Quarterly
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Own the inaugural issue of the Nautilus Quarterly! It combines some of the best content from our issues on Human Uniqueness, Uncertainty and Transit, with new original contributions from the world's best thinkers, and gorgeous full-color illustrations. The issue includes contributions by

  • Stanford University Primatologist Robert Sapolsky, on what makes us uniquely human
  • Quantum computing pioneer David Deutsch, on the value of being wrong
  • Best-selling author Tom Vanderbilt, on the algorithms that run transportation
  • Biologist Aaron Hirsh, who compares the songbird to the big-box store
  • Best-selling author Jared Diamond, who gives us a few words on what all of it means, in the end

Plus, award-winning original artwork from Jon Han, John Hendrix, Gerard DuBois, Jason Holley, Elena Dorfman, and more.


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