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Nautilus Quarterly
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Enoy the third issue of the Nautilus Quarterly, which combines some of the best online content from our issues on Waste, Home, and Time with original essays and rich, full-color illustrations. It includes contributions by:

  • Investigative journalist Anna Badkehn, on conservation efforts in West Africa
  • Former Editor in Chief of Discover, Corey Powell, on our precarious solar system (included in the 2014 volume of Best American Science and Nature Writing)
  • MIT physicist Max Tegmark, on how you are just a braid in spacetime
  • Psychology professor David Barash, on what Buddhism and science agree on
  • Theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, in an interview on why time is the realest thing there is
  • Time's "Hero of the Planet," Sylvia Earle, reflects on the issue's themes

This, and award-winning art by Shout- Illustrations, Yuko Shimizu, Chris Buzelli, Chad Hagen, Nora Krug, Sam Green, Wesley Allsbrook.

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