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Nautilus Quarterly
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The fourth issue of the Nautilus Quarterly features some of the best content from our issues on Mergers & Acquisitions, Light, and Feedback, plus new, original essays, and rich, full-color illustrations. The issue includes contributions by:

  • Ecologist Nigel Pitman, on his life at a field station in the Amazon and the photographer who would change his way of seeing the jungle
  • Best-selling novelist Daniel Kehlmann, who writes a fictional account of a family who tangle with a hypnotist and come away changed
  • Award-winning author Philip Ball, on the complex relationship between physics and the occult
  • Columbia University astrophysicist Caleb Scharf, on how the Cold War birthed astrobiology
  • Award-winning science writer Ed Yong, on how life on Earth resulted from a bizarre and rare bacterial merger
  • Paleontologist and author Neil Shubin, who reflects on the issue's themes

This, and outstanding art by Thomas Struth, Ellen Weinstein, Miko Maciaczek, Gracia Lam, Jonathon Rosen, Shannon Freshwater, Jon Han, Gaby D’Alessandro, Yuko Shimizo, and others.


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