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Nautilus Quarterly
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The fifth issue of the Nautilus Quarterly combines some of the best content from our issues on Symmetry, Mutation and Turbulence, with new original contributions from the world's best thinkers, and gorgeous full-color illustrations. The issue includes contributions by:

  • Science writer Lee Billings, who casts his eyes to the distant future of technology, as seen by a long-dead science fiction writer
  • Engineering professor Barbara Oakley, on learning mathematics from scratch at age 26, and what it taught her about learning
  • Journalist and NYU professor Jessica Seigel, on the troubled relationship between race and the science of sun exposure
  • Author Moises Velasquez-Manoff, on how we might be completely misunderstanding vitamins
  • Author David Berreby, on the man who discovered how to predict both weather and war

Plus, original artwork from Chris Buzelli, Lauren Weinstein, Marcos Chin, John Hendrix, and more.


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