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Decorate your walls with this limited-edition artwork from Nautilus! Originally commissioned by Nautilus to accompany the article “T. Rex Might be the Thing with Feathers”, this illustration is by Tomasz Walenta, whose work has also appeared in Time magazine, New Republic and The Walrus.

“The idea behind the bird pulling the tail of the skeleton was a flash,” he says of the piece. “I read the story about birds being an ancestor of dinosaurs and I was trying to find associations between dinosaurs and birds; it wasn’t easy, one is a skeleton, the other one is alive. I was searching for ideas, looking at images of birds, of skeletons, then at one point I saw an image of a chicken pulling a worm and that’s when I had the flash to associate the worm with the tail of the skeleton.”

The piece measures 18 inches by 24 inches, and is offset printed on heavy matte cover paper.
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