Nano Book - Custom (Set of 30 books)


Publish your work or public domain book on a permanent archival quality mini book.  We can print up to 16,000 pages of text on an 8 page nickel book, but that can only be read by microscope.  Up to 1,000 pages would be readable by a 60X eye loupe.

Using patented Nanofiche™ technology, PDFs and TIFF images are reduced to tiny 200 - 300 dpi analog images onto thin nickel pages, using nanotechnology.

These amazingly tiny printed books will endure for eternity, making them among the smallest books every printed and certainly the longest-lasting bound books ever made.

Made out of pure nickel, the pages will never rust and are highly resilient to high temperature and humidity. Sustained heat from a blowtorch will not damage the data, nor will long-term submersion in water or intense radiation.

In fact, the technology used to print these books is based on research to preserve critical data in case of a nuclear war as well as in space, and it is the same technology used by The Arch Mission Foundation to preserve data in the Lunar Library for up to billions of years.

Nanofiche™ is the most advanced analog archival technology on Earth, and can etch letters as small as the size of a bacterium, such that more than 1 million analog pages could be printed onto a single letter sized sheet (requiring 270X or greater magnification to read). It is orders of magnitude higher capacity and longer durability than microfiche, or any other analog medium.

The reason we store analog images, rather than digital format data, for archival preservation is that they can be retrieved by anyone in the future, using a simple optical magnifier -- no computers or software required!

This is important because computer technology, operating systems, file formats, and software applications (as well as all all digital storage media) become obsolete in just decades, making it difficult or impossible to retrieve digitally encoded data from them in the future. By using analog images, however, critical information is always easily recoverable in the future by anyone with a simple lens.

For the books in this Collector's Edition series we etched the pages large enough to be seen with the naked eye, such that each letter is readable with a 60X LED jewler's eye loupe that can be bought online.

These rare artifacts are wonderful gifts for anyone who loves books and/or microscopes, or who collects unusual artifacts.

These beautiful artifacts are etched using single-beam software generated holograms to glass and then each page is electro-depositic to thin films of Nickel at atomic-scale.

Our exclusive nanoscale books are Collector's Items that will last for hundreds of generations or longer and are very likely to appreciate in value over time. For example ancient historical mini books have been sold auction for large prices -- and we expect these books - the first nano-scale printed books in human history -- may become priceless antiques in the future. They also make perfect gifts for the author or book collector, or anyone with a fetish for deliciously awesome tiny little books.


Because making these books is a manual process, we only make small quantities of them and there is a waiting list. Reserve yours while supplies last!

If you want to commission a printing of one or more nanoscale books, containing content you have the rights to print, contact us to discuss this. Minimum order is 30 books. Wholesale pricing is available.)


The Arch Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains a backup of planet Earth, designed to continuously preserve and disseminate humanity’s most important knowledge across time and space.

The Arch Mission Foundation is preserving the knowledge and biology of our planet in a solar system wide project called The Billion Year Archive.™ Nautilus has partnered with The Arch Mission Foundation to bring you this unique piece which will make an amazing addition to any collection.

“Wherever humanity goes, so shall go the Archive; wherever goes the Archive, so shall go humanity.” - Nova Spivack