Phi 304 SS Pendant


About this Jewelry

What makes a single number so interesting that ancient Greeks, Renaissance artists, a 17th century astronomer and a 21st century novelist all would write about it? It’s a number that goes by many names. This “golden” number, 1.61803399, represented by the Greek letter Phi, is known as the Golden Ratio, Golden Number, Golden Proportion, Golden Mean, Golden Section, Divine Proportion and Divine Section.  It was written about by Euclid in “Elements” around 300 B.C., by Luca Pacioli, a contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci, in “De Divina Proportione” in 1509, and by Johannes Kepler around 1600.

We printed Phi out to 2,000,000 digits and we are pretty sure we have broken the World record for highest Phi digits printed, let alone do it on a coin sized area.  Check out this page for even more fascinating info on the Golden Ratio.

The coin is made of hand machined 304 Stainless Steel and not casted and thus much more durable and will last the test of time.