Inside and out

Searching has a cost. It takes time and energy, and distracts us from other opportunities. It is also a quickly growing part of modern life.

  • Can You Overdose on Happiness? The science and philosophy of deep brain stimulation, by Lone Frank 
  • Why New Antibiotics Are So Hard to Find: A dispatch from the front lines of the war against antibiotic resistance, by Julian G. West
  • The Popular Creation Story of Astronomy Is Wrong: The old tale about science versus the church is wide of the mark, by Christopher M. Graney 
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Dean Burnett, Jim Davies, Brian Gallagher, Alexander Gelfand, Sander L. Gilman, David Grinspoon, Alan Lightman, Paul A. Offit, Neil Savage, Michael Segal, Curt Stager, Alan Stern, and Chelsea Wald.
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