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What interesting stories are out there that involve the self but do not involve people? Complex systems seem to resist the privileged perspective necessary to define a “self.” If nature preaches a deep relativism, is our attachment to the idea of self a human foible? 

  • It’s Time to Make Human-Chimp Hybrids: The humanzee is both scientifically possible and morally defensible, by David P. Barash
  • Why Women Choose Differently at Work: Psychologist Susan Pinker on the role of choice in gender differences in the workplace, by Brian Gallagher
  • Heredity Beyond the Gene: What you pass on to your kids isn’t always in your genetic code, by Russell Bonduriansky & Troy Day
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Kevin Berger, Manuel Cebrian, Alan Lightman, Ferris Jabr, Susie Neilson, Adithya Rajagopalan, Indira M. Raman, Iyad Rahwan, David Reich, Michael Segal, Kirsten Weir, and Lydia Wilson.